Who are we?

THÜMA has been a competent and reliable partner in the planning and implementation of innovative systems concepts for around 25 years. We have compiled a list of the most important steps throughout our history.

  • 1991: Establishment of THÜMA-Maschinenhandel Scholz GmbH
  • 1993: Establishment and acquisition of an interest in Bautzener Oberflächentechnik GmbH
  • 1995: Membership of the Erfurt Chamber of Crafts – independent manufacture of paint-spraying walls
  • 1997: THÜMA Maschinenhandel Scholz GmbH merges with Lindemann und Seifert GmbH to become THÜMA Maschinenbau und Service GmbH
  • 1999: Development of a national network of dealerships in THÜMA products – market launch of CI and Andreae filters
  • 2001: Addition of the core Systems Design division (planning, assembly and commissioning of systems for wet paint powder coating
  • 2003: Opening of sales offices in Hessen and Saxony, expansion of the workshop area
  • 2005: Expansion of own production range (paint supply stations, realisation of systems concepts in the area of open coating technology)
  • 2007: Opening of another sales office in Saxony
  • 2009: Relaunch of the logo and company presentation, release of new website, preparation of a company brochure and new business stationery
  • 2011: Redeveloped our Warehouse completely. 20 years anniversary.
  • 2012: Opening of the Thüma Technikum. Completion of the patio
  • 2013: Extension and Furnishing the new reception area
  • 2015: Opening of a new branch in Reutlingen. Incl. Office and service station