The future doesn't just "happen", it is created by us, by people. It is people who make the biggest difference between companies in today's markets. In a time when prices and quality are almost identical, the focus should be not only on the customer but also on the efficiency of a company's employees. Let us work in partnership with you to develop solution concepts that will help to realise your visions and achieve your goals. 

The following employees are available for special advisory services. Paint-spraying and conveyor system, 2K dosing systems, air intake and removal plants, filter systems, hand transport systems, system design, major projects.

  • at Gotha: Mr. Seifert (Managing Director)
  • at Weimar: Mr. Scholz (Managing Director)
  • at Nordthüringen: Mr. Küchler (Sales Manager)
  • at Südthüringen: Mr. Koch (Technical Advice and Sales)

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