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As partners to utility vehicle manufacturers, machinery and steel construction, and the metallurgical, woodworking and plastics industries, we are available to our customers from the first advisory discussion through planning, assembly and commissioning of systems to the provision of comprehensive support services.

In this, we are pursuing a holistic approach. Our aim is to be a competent, reliable contact for you in every phase. We focus on producing solutions that work economically, offering perfect-quality coatings and maintaining the highest possible environmental protection standards.

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The future doesn't just "happen", it is created by us, by people. It is people who make the biggest difference between companies in today's markets. In a time when prices and quality are almost identical, the focus should be not only on the customer but also on the efficiency of a company's employees. Let us work in partnership with you to develop solution concepts that will help to realise your visions and achieve your goals.

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Customer-specific solutions off the peg?

There's something missing here. What is missing is a wide-ranging discussion between you and us and an analysis of what you have and what you need.

We can plan:

  • coating systems for craft and industry
  • hand transport lines for window and machine engineering
  • painting cabins for machine engineering and utility vehicle manufacture
  • ventilation systems for small and medium-sized firms
  • part-automated processes
  • complex paint conveying and application systems

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Plant Construction

The implementation of customer requests is a "must" for us

THÜMA supplies painting and drying systems for optimum, economical operation. Implementing customer requirements for specific locations and capacities is a "must" for us. 

For individual part painting and small-series concepts, we provide spray stands with dry deposition. Air intake systems and hand suspension tracks round off the program.To automate the painting process, we offer modern controls and conveyor systems that link all work stations such as pre-treatment, primer, painting, flashing off and drying. As a system supplier, THÜMA provides plants and equipment for conveying, mixing, controlling and applying.

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Our quality standards are your gain!

Our comprehensive quality claim commits ourselves to sustainable thinking. That's why we also offer a yearly maintenance check for our customer's installations.

Besides checking all the wear parts, we'll give you some information on the technological developments in the market, so that you can use them for your advantage.

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  • 2K plants
  • Electro Static
  • Basics of application technology
  • Work-and Healthprotection

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